Reverse Whois

Reverse Whois is a lookup which helps you find all domains of a single owner by entering any identifier from a Whois record: email address, phone number, company name, etc. The resulting information has a wider application for businesses and law enforcement than you might expect.

With us, that resulting information is massive since we have made it our mission to build the largest domain database and collect as much relevant data as possible. Our private domain database currently amounts to 625+ million domain names in all extensions covering all global domains and 90 % of country code domains.

We can do a Whois lookup for every domain name and have streamlined our query management and Whois record details parsing system. As a result, we can offer you reverse Whois lookups in the format you need and customise results to match your specific request.

Reverse Whois allows you to conduct a variety of research to facilitate your branding, marketing, or domain strategies. For example, if you are a domainer, you may look for potential business partners or sellers/buyers of your big portfolio of powerful domains. Thanks to our huge database, we can pull out domain owners that match your requirements, and with our reverse Whois service, you can find and analyze all their domains until you find what suits you best.

If you are a market analyst, you can use reverse Whois to research and evaluate market indicators and online presence of all domains belonging to a single company in a given country, world region or industry sector.

If you are a private company, you can uncover all your competitors' domains, monitor their future plans, and analyze them according to your needs.

If you need to protect your domain names, we can search our massive database for domains that match your required keywords/phrases. If someone is misusing domains with your trademarks or attempts cybersquatting, you can use reverse Whois to find out all the domains they own in order to check for other trademark violations and monitor them for future ones.

Reverse Whois searches are sought by cybercrime investigators resolving cases of identity theft, any kind of online scams, piracy, etc. Using it together with reverse IP and NS services, investigators have a better chance of finding maximum information on domains and their owners.

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